Trip 2 Recap

Trip #2 for the Gillette Comprehensive Plan occurred April 9th and 10th, 2024. This trip was focused on discussing and getting feedback on two different growth scenarios. On the first day, the Verdunity team sat down with the planning staff to receive insight on what conversations have been taking place related to the Comprehensive Plan. This meeting was followed by a brief podcast recording for Let’s Talk Gillette, where the Verudnity team discussed what a Comprehensive Plan is, why it is important and how the community can get involved.

The first community engagement event was held mid-day on April 9th, 2024 at the Campbell County Recreation Center. This allowed an opportunity for residents not available in the evenings to participate. The event was a come-and-go, activity-focused open house that allowed residents to provide input on several key areas.

  • Activity station one presented two growth scenarios and asked for feedback from attendees. One forecasted growth scenario illustrated how Gillette could look if it continues developing with the current pattern of growing rapidly outward. The second forecasted growth scenario illustrated how Gillette could look if it adopted a growth pattern that focuses on a fiscally sustainable development style. A table comparing and contrasting characteristics of each scenario was also displayed, and participants marked which characteristics they’d prefer to see in their city.
  • Activity station two allowed participants to vote on which types of places they want to see more of in Gillette. A series of five different types of places was displayed, each accompanied by a short written description and images that conveyed the character and intensity of that type. It also allowed participants to provide additional commentary about these types of places.
  • Activity station three asked for input to help refine a map of catalyst locations that was developed through an online engagement activity conducted earlier this year. Catalyst locations act as important centers of activity that are valued assets that are either significant today or could be in the future. Participants could affirm the sites already map or suggest new ones to be added.
  • Activity station four asked attendees to help refine and prioritize the most important principles to be used by City officials in decision-making, working from a short list that emerged from activities conducted online and in Trip 1.

The first day concluded with a joint workshop with both the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council. During the workshop, the Verdunity team provided a project update and presented on the key themes that have emerged thus far. The presentation covered key contextual information analyzed and introduced two different development growth scenarios for discussion. Comments were received that helped provide direction for the consultant team.

Day two began with additional staff interviews to gain insight and updates on city operations and the status of ongoing projects, as well as additional nuanced discussion on existing challenges and resource constraints. In the late afternoon, a Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) workshop was held. During this workshop, the Verdunity team provided a project update and debriefed on the key themes that have emerged thus far. The introduction and presentation of two (2) different growth scenarios and proposed place types for the Comprehensive Plan was discussed with the committee. A brief discussion on both topics occurred. Once the workshop concluded, the project team headed to the Campbell County Recreation Center to conduct the second community engagement event. The event consisted of the same four activity stations, but was held for people who had more evening availability than mid-day.

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