Project Team

City Staff

Meredith Duvall
City Planning & Code Compliance Manager
Zoning Administrator
City of Gillette, WY

City Council

Shay Lundvall, Mayor
Jim West, Ward 1 Council Member
Tricia “Trish” Simonson, Ward 1 Council Member
Tim Carsud, Ward 2 Council Member
Billy Montgomery, Ward 2 Council Member
Heidi Gross, Ward 3 Council Member
Nathan McLeland, Ward 3 Council Member

Planning and Zoning Commission

Shaun Hottell, Chair
Ryan Conkline, Vice-Chair
Jack Colson
Ian Scott
Matthew Nelson
Richard Cone
Cristal Pratt

Consultant Team

Verdunity’s role is the project lead, Comprehensive Plan formulation, public engagement partner with the City and quality control project management.
CivicBrand’s role is to assist and supplement public engagement to ensure we reach a wide range of the community members and stakeholders.

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